Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Last night was opening night for wide release of Megan Fox's first lead staring role "Jennifer's Body". The original poster for this was released early last year, which is quite the early buzz for movie which isn't a blockbuster epic.

Although this is not getting pretty reviews with critics, it really doesn't matter. "Jennifer's Body" is written by Diablo Cody who wrote the academy award winning screenplay for Juno. - which was great. I personally enjoyed this movie very much. This was a throwback to old school horror flicks from the 80's with better dialog thanks to Diablo. Movies of that genre are meant to be campy. Its just the way it is and people who watch them, understand that. This is a fun movie when it comes to being a high school movie about Jennifer Check, whose your regular man-eater (pun intended) who always gets asked out on dates and sex and barely ever declines. Her and her friend Needy (Amanda Seyfriend - who shines in her role and gets the opportunity to provide V.O.) gets caught up with an indie rock band (played by front man Adam Brody) who refer to Satan to get better opportunity to have their band grow forth. - In order to do this, they must sacrifice a virgin teenage girl i.e. Jennifer. - As we know early on, Jennifer is not a virgin which throws a wrench in their sacrifice. (Good lord, with a woman like that, it'd be a crying shame for her to be!) sorry Christian folk....

From there, the spell goes awry, and she becomes a literal man-eater on the hunt for what she needs to live. Lots of funny dialog is spewed left and right and gives the characters much more like-ability than if they were just drone high school teens reiterating how to "stop a demon" in their school. There are several kills and they are all fucked up! All these things mixed in made for quite an entertaining experience as well as seeing Megan Fox become a demon and kick some ass. Its unusual or rare might be the better world to see a female doing all the macabre actions in a horror/comedy flick. Its refreshing to see a take on the other side of the spectrum for once. Moderately directed by Karen Kusama but convincingly scary and darkly funny, this was a fun trip.

Megan Fox puts through her first ever lead performance and to settle and all the mutter - she can act. Finally with the proper medium and writing and of course directing, she can spread her wings and we get to see and hear her in a full light. As oppose to her lame character in Mikaela in Michael Bay's dump truck blockbuster movies Transformers 1 & 2. She never got a chance to "act" in those because Michael Bay doesn't allow females in his movies to properly "act". They're always either watching for a control room screaming in anguish for their loved ones in danger, closing their eyes in fear (The Rock, Armageddon,) or most recently just running around behind Shia holding his hand while shit is blowing up left and right around them - just for the heck of it. But that is Michael Bay crashing - lets save that for another time!

All in all, "Jennifer's Body" could've been more fun, and I would've liked to have gotten more into the demonic themes of the storyline more, but when its comes down to it, this is a movie about high school and the friends/relationships you have while you're there - along with some crazy ass horror spectacle for good measure.

I must drop, that one of my favorite scenes in any movie is in this one where Jennifer is talking on the phone and she is looking in the mirror and lights the tip of her tongue on fire with a lighter and watches as it heals back up immediately. - Hot.

Directed by Karyn Kusama of "Girlfight" and "Aeon Flux" previously (one good, one stinker) written by Diablo Cody of "Juno" screen writing fame, produced by Jason Reitman director of "Juno" and upcoming "Up In The Air" (which looks great I might add).

Starring the gorgeous beyond all belief Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody and J.K. Simmons who I almost didn't recognize at first when he comes on screen. (You'll understand when you see this).

Cine-a-meter rating: 3.5/5

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  1. You have some mad writing skills dude

    great review, almost makes me want to watch it again :P

    - Ashley