Sunday, November 15, 2009

***May contain spoilers or hints to the original Boondock Saints movie***

After a ten year hiatus, The Boondock Saints are back after being called out from the murder of priest in a church. The calling card comes from the execution style of the murder; arms crossed over the chest, two shots to the back of the head and coins laid upon the eyes.

The films opens with an opinionated monologue delivered from Rocco a character from the previous film. Getting the audience to understand that there are two types of people in the world. Talkers and doers. Its pretty self explanatory the characteristics of each type. Its also quite obvious that our heroes known as "The Saints" in the plot line of the movie are doers. Since they go out and execute mobsters left and right, making a difference in the world. - Ensuing them as doing something about crime in their city i.e world.

This chapter seems a little more commercialized than the last one, but not too much so. In fact, it keeps quite faithful the original's lay out of characters and work habits and even tempers.

Willem Dafoe is absent this time around as the lead F.B.I. investigator only to be replaced with the alpha female F.B.I. "Special" Agent Bloom brought in to distinguish if it was in fact "The Saints" who murdered the priest, or if it was a set up or something else. Luckily our new detective knows her shit when its comes to drafting a crime scene. Although this time around, particular attention to detail of crime scene investigating is toned down. I think this is good because although this is "Boondock Saints 2" we still do not want a remake of the first. What is thought to have happened and what REALLY happened are this time spliced together into the scene giving a less appealing effect as the first one did, but still innovative and fun to get caught up in all the same.

The main goal in the first act from the police force and F.B.I. "Special" Agent Eunice Bloom is to establish if in fact the "The Saints" will be coming back to exact vengeance on a brave but stupid souls that called them out. The Boondock Saints even get themselves a third musketeer if you will in this as well. A Spanish street fighter whose clumsy but reliable.

Without giving away too much of the story, The Duke retains his post here in much different fashion and we get into his back story more to understand what he ended up in prison for in the first place. While that story line is somewhat convoluted, it still rings up for a good story intertwined with the Saints. Since this directed by Troy Duffy again, and has most of the same cast as the first one, a lot of jokes are referenced and plot lines are touched upon as to keep the audience thats part of the cult following engaged.

This is a good sequel to the original. It was well worth the wait. Also, as a stand alone movie for those of you who are not familiar with the original Boondock Saints (shame on all of you! j/k) you can grasp the concept of what these men are and why they do what they do just the same. Only thing that is lacking is the "true magic" of the original that I don't believe is necessarily lost in this picture, but simply not as strong.

Directed by Troy Duffy. Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Julie Benz, Clifton Collins, Jr and Billy Connolly.

Cine-a-meter rating: 4/5

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